European Standards EN13240:2011 + A2:2004

Information Regarding EN13240:2011 + A2:2004

These are the main European Standard for solid fuel stoves. This rating lays down various requirements that a stove must meet to satisfy the rating. Among other things this includes:

  • Have a label showing the manufacture’s name/mark and model with various performance related data such as minimum clearance distances from combustible materials and CO emission at 13% oxygen. 
  • Have an efficiency rating of at least 50% 
  • CO Emission < 1% 
  • Have means of cleaning internal flue. 
More information can be found on Soliftec's website, they class themselves as a source for technical information regarding domestic heating and cooking using solid fuel in Britain and Ireland. Their EN13240 check list can be seen here: Soliftec EN13420:2011 + A2:2004 Checklist

All of our stoves will state in the description if they conform to the rating, if in doubt please ask us.