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Stove Fans and Accessories

Stove Fans and Accessories
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Hardwood, carved bellows to help start your fire in a traditional design.</p>...
£59.99 Ex Tax: £59.9900
Whether you have a traditional open hearth fire or not, these bellows will take pride of place in your fireplace. The Fleur-de-Lys design adds that regal touch. The hardwood construction ensures that they are sturdy enough and ready to do the job ...
£62.99 Ex Tax: £62.9900
This Valiant stove fan will reduce fuel consumption by spready the heat of your fire around the room rather than the heat just rising. The fan needs no batteries or mains supply it works from the heat of your fire. The operating range is 100...
£64.99 Ex Tax: £64.9900
Ecofan mini stove fan for smaller spaces and for use between your stovetop and underside of your inglenook. Just 165mm tall this fan is great for smaller spaces. When using this fan you can save up to 10% of fuel and feel the heat up to 17% ...
£67.99 Ex Tax: £67.9900
The Ecofan original fan disperses heat around your room using the heat from your fire. This fan has an operating temperature of 110-345 degrees C. This fan allows your to feel the heat 20% faster in your room and can save up to 12% of fuel a...
£69.99 Ex Tax: £69.9900
This Ecofan UltraAir is available in three different colours, please select from the dropdown which colour you would prefer. This fan can reduce your fuel up to 14% and enables you to feel the heat up to 31% faster than normal. The fan...
£84.99 Ex Tax: £84.9900
This Ecofan stove fan is for use with lower temperature stoves such as pellet, gas or contemporary stoves. It outperforms all other Ecostove fans but must not be used on wood-stoves. The fan creates up to 140 cubic feet of air per minute and will ...
£134.99 Ex Tax: £134.9900
This Ecofan is available in three different colours, please select from the drop down. The Ecofan runs off the heat of your stove with no need for electricity making it eco friendly. It can even reduce your fuel consumption up to 18% and enables y...
£136.99 Ex Tax: £136.9900